Our Business Partner, Xerox, Takes Home the Prize

By David George,

Earlier this year, we began our collaboration with Xerox. PokitDok, together with Xerox’s Commercial Healthcare Solutions, is re-imagining healthcare delivery and the technology infrastructure to support it. If you’ve ever used a HealthSpot kiosk at Rite Aid, you can experience the outcome of our collaboration, first-hand. Whether you think you have poison ivy or bronchitis, these Healthspot kiosks give you high definition video access to board certified professionals complete with the essential medical devices.

It is becoming common practice to seek medical advice and care from a variety of sources - from virtual telemedicine visits to urgent care clinics in lieu of the emergency room. Our CTO, Ted Tanner, called this Medley Medicine in a recent post.

PokitDok and Xerox are introducing the mechanisms to make these novel, and often disparate, visits work. It is a nascent challenge and one that requires getting under the hood. Think about it - for every medical visit, there are threads of data generated that must be portable and flow securely within a complex web of counterparties - patient identity information, eligibility insurance verification, deductible assessment, cross system scheduling, co-pay requirements, CPT codes and associated claims and reimbursement amounts. And they can happen in different venues, from physical locations to purely online transactions, across multiple applications and platforms adding further layers of complexity.  In relation to this, PokitDok was thrilled to hear last month that Xerox was recognized and awarded for technical innovation in telemedicine.

Celebrating its sixth year, the Corporate Entrepreneur Awards took place at the World Trade Center in New York City last month to honor the best in large business innovation and entrepreneurship. Xerox took home the award for “Best New Venture” for “Telehealth Innovation.” It centered on HealthSpot and was awarded for addressing “existing challenges to telehealth delivery, such as: interoperability, clinical workflow, reimbursement, security & privacy, and physician adoption.”

Judges of the award said, “This is an idea whose time has come. Healthcare costs are too high, and home healthcare solutions have not gained any traction. This telehealth kiosk seems like a fantastic way to gather critical health statistics at very low cost, and at potentially many retail locations with only a nurse required. I applaud Xerox for rolling out this technology. I love this business!”

The event and its awards were created to celebrate forward thinking, innovation and progress in big business. This year, six winners were named from more than 95 multinational organizations. Winners were selected based on their ability to demonstrate innovation in thought and approach, in addition to both the ‘resilience and agility needed to make new things happen.’

Denise Fletcher, the Chief Innovation Officer for Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences at Xerox said in a recent post, “While many new products and services are spearheaded by single startups with small teams, others come from large companies (like Xerox) that work with small companies….We partnered with a startup (PokitDok) to create an end-to-end solution for telemedicine ‘Powered by Xerox’ that can be integrated into kiosk telemedicine (like HealthSpot), or used by health systems for their telemedicine solutions.”

Xerox, along with the technical chops of the PokitDok team, was able to deploy a seamless customer experience for patients accessing care through telemedicine that works today. We are a proud and loyal partner to Xerox and hope you’ll join us in congratulating them.


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