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By Lisa Maki,

We are so glad you're here! The PokitDok team is comprised of college students, moms, dads, 20-somethings, athletes facing surgery and women wondering if menopause is ever going to end. In short, we're you and we're building the health and wellness site we want and that we think you'll want too.

Why did we build PokitDok? Increasingly, people are paying more out of pocket for health and wellness services, but it's near impossible to find the kind of information needed to make these expensive and potentially life impacting decisions. There is no shortage of websites and widgets dedicated to helping you secure the very best price on a pair of Jimmy Choos, but try and find the cost of an x-ray and it's crickets. Moreover, while we will choose to buy the most expensive shoes we can afford we often won't choose a life changing new procedure simply because our insurance doesn't cover it or we're not sure how much it will cost. Here at PokitDok we think that's crazy and we decided to do something about it.

Should paying for health be different? Great question! We asked ourselves the very same thing: What makes a health and wellness purchase different from any other? After clearing away all the election year rhetoric, finger pointing, and Supreme Court decisions we were left with one simple answer: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Whoa! Shouldn't health be different? Health and wellness purchase decisions are hard, sometimes risky, often scary, and pretty darned important. Sometimes we consult experts to help advise us and in the most serious of situations, unfortunately, we may not have any choices. But, for routine health and planned procedures where options abound why wouldn't we demand access to the same information we've come to expect when making any other important purchase in our lives? After all, it's our health.

But what can we as consumers do? We can demand to know what we're paying for and give our business to practitioners who are willing to openly state a cash price. We can also demand to know what all our options are (not just those our plan will cover). Pair that with professional recommendations and the experience of others who've been in a similar situations and you have a health and wellness marketplace where we can shop for our health, just like anything else.

How can PokitDok help? PokitDok provides the first-ever health and wellness marketplace. In PokitDok you will find information, recommendations, shared experiences from people like you, and a place to shop for a combination of price and value that's not some predetermined notion of what's best, but what's best for you.

What kind of practitioners can I expect to find on PokitDok? An amazing group of medical, alternative, and fitness professionals from across the country—as varied in their specialties as they are in their opinions of what works and what doesn't—have agreed to participate in PokitDok because they share one common goal: contributing to your health transparently. As part of the PokitDok community these practitioners agree to share their expertise, services, and pricing so you can worry less about the cost of care and focus more on the results.

Why is it cash (charge) only? To provide you with true health and wellness price transparency we knew we needed to connect you directly to the practitioner providing the service so they could quote their prices directly to you. That meant eliminating all layers that hide true cost from you, including insurance. Here at PokitDok we think it makes a lot of sense to have a form of insurance to cover you in the event something serious happens and you should certainly submit purchases for reimbursement to your insurance company if that makes sense for you.

Is it private? While you have the opportunity to share experiences and useful information with others in the PokitDok community, all your searches and purchases are 100% private, all the time, no exceptions.

Here, at PokitDok, you won't find "experts" telling you what to do; you'll find a community of professionals and people who believe sharing information and experience is the fastest way for you to find what's best for your health, your way. We're inviting you to join us now and help create something new the world of health has never seen before.

Share the health. It's time.

Lisa Maki

CEO, PokitDok

The opinions expressed in this blog are of the authors and not of PokitDok's. The posts on this blog are for information only, and are not intended to substitute for a doctor-patient or other healthcare professional-patient relationship nor do they constitute medical or healthcare advice.

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