Train Like an Olympian with Amanda Russell

Being an Olympian might be the highest badge of honor bestowed upon an athlete. It signifies much more than just talent (though there’s no denying that’s a key component), it represents perseverance, commitment, and sacrifice.

When my own Olympic aspirations were cut dramatically short by a devastating and career ending injury it wasn’t athletic ability that brought me back to fighting form, it was the mental conditioning I’d been developing from my very first race in my home country of Canada to my last time competing on the world stage.

It’s this “take no prisoners” attitude that you…yup, I’m talking to you: the sisters, the best friends, the girlfriends, the fashionistas, the leaders of today and tomorrow…can apply to your own training and fitness regime.

Using the worldwide energy and excitement, only present during the Olympic Games, for inspiration I have created the Train Like an Olympian Workout. This workout is designed to get you into serious shape while instilling in you the mental focus needed to achieve your personal fitness goals. Because, the old adage is true: it’s 90% mental. Together we’ll become stronger, leaner, and healthier. All you need is 20-minutes and a can do attitude.

The Train Like an Olympian features step-by-step instructions to every exercise ensure you’ll get the maximum benefit and really feel the burn – nothing better than a little day after workout soreness!

Leave your comments, questions, and challenges on my Facebook or shoot me a tweet @arfit…because we’re in this together and I want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workout experience. Checkout my PokitDok page for other workouts and some great offers to help you get in and keep in killer shape!




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