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By Brian Corbin,

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Our data science team uses many components in the TinkerPop stack, along with the Titan graph database. As you may know from our previous post on namedtuples, we're a pretty serious Python shop - in fact, both our Marketplace and APIs are built with Python. So, there was a desire to continue to use Python syntax when defining graph schema using the management system, performing graph traversals, and so on. Today, we open sourced the work we've been doing to help our engineers and data scientists use Python when working with the PokitDok HealthGraph. Get the code at

It's still an early version so you may find things not quite working as expected. We'll continue to send up pull requests as we uncover things. Please create issues if you discover things that are not working or not yet implemented, and we'll see if we can help get that fixed up.

Here's a quick usage example:

Here's what Denise Gosnell, PokitDok Data Scientist has to say about using gremthon:

"It was super easy to create a graph schema using python, and I am forever grateful for all of the time BC gave this week to make this for us!!"

We hope this (small) contribution back to the community can help some folks just like the TinkerPop stack has helped us.

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