How to Connect your Telehealth Platform to 90% of Covered American lives - Right Now

By PokitDok Team,


From drastic cost/time savings and better patient experiences, to accessing care in never-before-imagined ways, we've talked at length about the limitless potential of telehealth - and how it has changed how people experience healthcare. What though, does its future look like and how will it connect to the systems that guide and power modern healthcare today?

In this post we'll walk through a few demographics that have specifically benefitted from telehealth solutions and discuss the vitality of telehealth system connectivity to guessed it... insurance companies. 

How telehealth has changed the lives of:

Why telehealth solutions need to connect to insurance companies:

Despite the value of the use cases above, telehealth platforms have struggled with connecting to insurance companies. Without this integration, telemedicine solutions are on uneven ground, competing with brick and mortar physicians who treat patients used to using health insurance traditionally. This includes submitting claims on behalf of patients - rather than patients submitting claims on their own, as is the expectation with many existing telemedicine platforms.

How we support this vital integration:

PokitDok is a CAQH CORE PHASE III, HIPAA certified clearinghouse, specializing in direct, real-time connections. Telehealth platforms can easily utilize our APIs to immediately access more than 90% of covered American lives via our 500+ direct, electronic trading partner connections. These previously difficult, if not impossible, connections allow for the easy management of online healthcare transactions from eligibility checks and claims submissions to provider referrals.

What that means is that by integrating our technology, telehealth solutions can check patient eligibility in real-time and submit electronic claims, even if the telehealth visit isn't covered by a patient's insurance company. In that case, a 'shadow' claim could be submitted and applied against a patient's deductible. Similarly, in the event that a patient needs to follow their telehealth visit with another specialist appointment, our referrals API can find another doctor for that patient.

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