How to Hire & Scale a Team of Tech Superheroes

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PokitDok is embarking on a new inflection point in growth, and we’re hiring a team of talented newcomers to help us “crush it” through this next phase. As we like to say, we’re where Southern Charm and Valley Brilliance meet to make PokitDomination babies - do you think you have what it takes? Here are some cliff notes on our approach to hiring and what we look for in a candidate:


The Network Effect

Average tenure at any one position in Silicon Valley last I checked is between 18-24 months. According to the Chief Economist of the CEA, graduates today are predicted to have 10 different jobs by the time they are 40 (I’ve already surpassed that and I’m only 38). What does that mean? From my experience, it means you never know when you’ll run into someone from your past, especially in the startup world. I’m at PokitDok today because of a work friendship I maintained from 15 years ago. Over the years, I’ve even seen people go to work for someone that had previously worked for them 10 years earlier. YOU NEVER KNOW. We believe tapping into networks for hiring is critical, and what goes around eventually comes around.


Communication Skills

We’re an engineering driven organization and despite the memes and stereotypes out there about the limited communication skills of some engineers (think Gilfoyle of HBO’s Silicon Valley), we pride ourselves on combining exceptional tech skills with exceptional communication. All candidates must be willing and able to communicate their ideas, both in written and verbal format. And saying you’ll need to do it constantly would not be an exaggeration.



We’re a team of musicians, kite-boarders, snowboarders, bakers, yogis, tennis players…. you name it. We believe that your life and passions outside of work say a lot about how you will approach your work at PokitDok.



We’ve been called everything from the “Island of Misfit Toys” to “quirky” to a "special group of snowflakes.” Each one of us is unique and brings something slightly different to the table. We pride ourselves on our diversity and unconventional thought and look for new candidates that will continue to bring unique ideas and execution to our team.


Whacky Questions

In a start-up, you’re constantly juggling balls while being thrown curve balls at the same time. We want to get a flavor of how well candidates deal with surprises, so we’ve been known to thrown some curve balls out there when interviewing. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. If you worked in a restaurant, what position would you have?
  2. What feeds you emotionally, spiritually and mentally?
  3. What one thing do you believe to be true, which very few people agree with you about?
  4. What’s your favorite movie quote?


In many cases, there’s not a right answer. It’s about how you respond, how you think it through and your outlook on the world.


Homework Assignments

We try not to put too much stock in your past performance. Sure you may have managed a $20M budget and grown sales by 300%, but we care more about your agility and how you will perform today - with us. Can you roll with the punches and dive in to “ship it”? What better way to test this than to ask you to complete a test project? Not only does it let us ascertain your work, but also your commitment level and how much you actually want to be part of our team. The added benefit is it gives us time to vet a few more candidates to ensure you’re the best fit.



Along the way we’ve had a bit of luck- call it serendipity, call it Occam’s Razor, call it the stars of the universe aligning, but about 10% of our hires came to us through unusually fortuitous ways. Our VP of Front End was hired after our CTO dialed the wrong number of a different candidate by the same name who just so happened to previously own the number of the guy we ended up hiring. One of our first front end developers was hired in her pajamas on her last day of college because she happened to be in the same room as a different candidate being interviewed. Our Content Manager was contacted out of the blue to see if she might be looking for a job. Turns out she was and had just moved to the Bay Area. You can’t make this stuff up. We seem to have luck when it comes to hiring, and it happens quite frequently.


So, if you’re not too freaked out yet and are yearning to be part of our historical, game-changing, albeit quirky dream team...check out our careers page, and come join us on Misfit Island.


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