Savvy Moms Use the PokitDok Marketplace to Save on Healthcare

By Natalie Cann,

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At PokitDok, our employees don’t mirror the typical Silicon Valley workforce. For starters, our fearless leader, Lisa Maki, is a woman in her early 50s. We employ many women and moms, some of them single moms - all of them productive, thorough consumers of healthcare. Contrary to the gender imbalance crisis you often hear about here in the Valley, our healthy mix of women makes sense when you consider that women control 80% of healthcare spending - it certainly helps to have your target consumer market working with you. In short, we eat our own dog food, drink our own champagne, wear our own shoes (insert your favorite fitting tech cliché here).

Just this past week around the office, we heard several stories of how savvy moms were able to use PokitDok to help them save cash and improve their patient experience, so we wanted to pass them along. After all, the holidays are around the corner and what woman doesn’t want to save on healthcare and instead spend that money towards toys and holiday cheer?

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Get a Quote on Flu Shots and Save

It’s flu season and the flu shot has been a recommended measure for staving off the worst strains of virulent flu viruses anticipated for the season, especially for children. Stephanie Bellone, one of our Executive Assistants, recently requested a flu shot quote through our retail marketplace at Nichole Henson, our Provider Onboarding Specialist (and mom to 6-yr old active boy), was able to get pricing information within 24 hours. The original quote for Stephanie’s 6-yr old son’s flu shot was for $80.99, but the cash price Stephanie negotiated to pay the same day, ended up at $29.40, a 60% savings! The happy mom proudly took the deal, walking away feeling like she had found lost money.


Find a Family Therapist in Your Budget

*Monica Edson, friend of PokitDok’s Office Manager Kathryn Cuffe, recently registered as a customer on and requested a quote from a Family Therapist in San Mateo. Unfortunately Edson and her 10-yr old son did not have health insurance, so they were thankful that we provided a solution that could help and called to thank us for the pricing. She was "wowed" by our service and by how well-informed our office manager was about the product. She was able to book an appointment with the Family Therapist, and upon seeing the new business driven to her practice, the practitioner quickly claimed her PokitDok profile with the support of our onboarding team.


Save 25% at the ER Paying Same Day

Now, here comes the self-deprecating part. A few weeks back I took an accidental tumble down the stairs and thought I had broken my arm. Not wanting to take any chances and needing full use of both arms as a mom of 3.5 year old twins and VP of Marketing at PokitDok, I promptly got a ride to the emergency room. Taking a cue from the Geico commercials, the good news is that I was able to negotiate a 25% discount for a same day co-pay, so the ER visit cost me $75 instead of $100. As it turns out, increasingly hospitals are willing to negotiate same day rates, given they typically only recover about 60% of co-pays after the fact. It’s a win-win if they can get you to pay up front at a 25% discount - they make more and you save.

Join our savvy moms and register for a PokitDok consumer profile today! Spoiler Alert: come to next week to experience our completely new and amazing consumer shopping experience for the first time.

*Name changed to keep patient’s privacy. The posts on this blog are for information only, and are not intended to substitute for a doctor-patient or other healthcare professional-patient relationship. The opinions expressed above are those of the author’s and do not reflect the advice of PokitDok, Inc.

About Natalie Cann

A 16-year veteran in digital marketing, Natalie Cann is PokitDok's Vice President of Marketing. Recognized for her innovative growth strategies, she was recruited from WellnessFX, where she served as Vice President of Marketing and grew the customer base by 700 percent the first year. She previously managed global customer acquisition programs for top brands like American Express and, but also maintains a track record of helping to bring successful start-ups to market, such as Marin Software. Cann holds a BS in Business Management from Brigham Young University.

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