A PokitStory, Featuring Channel (H)

By PokitDok Team,

PokitDok recently celebrated its 5th anniversary and we took the opportunity to reflect on the amazing group of partners and customers that have joined our PokitFamily. One in particular, Channel (H), has been especially supportive and collaborative.

First, some background: The Patient API from Channel (H) makes it possible for patients to access their personal healthcare information in real time through third party applications.  Users can monitor their personal health information through medical applications such as wearable trackers, and also make doctor appointments online in real time. Finally (H) offers the ability to refill prescriptions, review lab work, receive content on medical conditions, and safely message their physician with questions. That is what (H) is: The infrastructure to do that in healthcare.

Channel (H) provides a comprehensive way to gather all of this information into one centralized format, but how does PokitDok play a role in this partnership? Here's what CEO, Robert Capelli shared with us in our conversation:


PokitDok: When Channel (H) first started, what problem were you looking to solve and what were you looking for to make that vision a reality?

Robert: At a high level, we knew we wanted to connect the data silos that exist in healthcare, which I believe is very much in line with PokitDok's mission. I started looking at technology solutions I could easily integrate, without having to reinvent the wheel, and that's when I found PokitDok. We were having a hard time producing visual representations of health data for our clients because it has been difficult to connect different data sources. Our clients range from providers, Accountable Care Organizations, university healthcare systems, lab diagnostic centers, and even vendors who produce drugs, medical equipment, and auxiliary services in clinical settings. We needed to find a way to make sure our customers were getting the right information from our data and in order for us to do that, we needed to release it from the legacy silos where it lived.


PokitDok: How has PokitDok supported Channel (H)?

Robert: Channel (H) uses PokitDok APIs to connect data sources and create replicable ways to extract that data so we can analyze it and then present it back to our clients. We currently have two products, Responsive Search Intelligence, a toolbar which lets healthcare companies analyze comprehensive healthcare data from multiple sources in seconds with just a few data target identifiers. For example, if you use this toolbar to search for patients that are between the age of 52 and 53, male, and have used preventive care in the last year, this data will flow into your Channel (H) dashboard automatically.

The second product is Revenue IQ, which provides information for Patient Services and Goods revenue. This software will automatically highlight relevant trends, spot patterns, key relationships, and hidden revenue efficient opportunities for healthcare providers and vendors in real time. Having PokitDok APIs --specifically eligibility and claim status -- work cohesively with our products has made it easy to gather data efficiently, and create useful, visual representations which will help our clients make better business decisions.


PokitDok: How did you discover PokitDok and what made you decide to work with us?

Robert: I've known about PokitDok for a long time through media outlets like TechCrunch and VentureBeat. We have also attended events with you guys. PokitDok was the best decision for our team because you're extremely responsive and promptly explain how to solve the problem at hand. You help with our challenges, take our feedback, and keep us updated about any solutions that might be of help for our products. We feel PokitDok is part of our team and that's something I really value in a partner.


PokitDok: How are you currently measuring success using PokitDok?

Robert: Channel (H) has been focused on three major areas when using PokitDok.

  1. Our company is big on having real-time data and PokitDok is the closest thing to real-time that you can get in healthcare.
  2. PokitDok has a very affordable pricing model that makes it easy for us to manage multiple clients using our solution. We can predict and budget accurately, which is extremely important to us as a growing startup.
  3. We have a great working relationship with PokitDok's engineering and application success teams. The calls we have with them are efficient and we always feel comfortable communicating with our clients after being thoroughly briefed by our PokitDok team.


PokitDok: Do you have any remaining thoughts you would like to share?

Robert: I feel honored to work with a great company like PokitDok. Our relationship has always been very open and straightforward. We see PokitDok as an infrastructure partner - reliably powering our in-market products. We have garnered a lot of attention in the last two to three months because of the functionality we pull from you.

PokitDok is as perfect as can be in the current environment and they are really fun to work with. I will take any opportunity to thank your team for their hard work in producing the utility that makes our lives really easy and our company successful.


Thanks so much Robert and Channel (H) for being an amazing partner. Also, your son is adorable.


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