PokitDok V3

By John Riney,

We officially rolled out the third version of our PokitDok Marketplace at the 2014 Forbes Healthcare Summit. We even put out an extremely fancy press release. Everyone has been working toward this for months, and we're ridiculously excited about it. I thought I'd show off a few screenshots to explain why I think you should be, too.

Let's start with the new landing page.

It's remarkably clean, simple, and truly beautiful. And there's brains to go with those looks.


By typing into a single search box, you can search our constantly-updated collections of providers, procedures, and specialties, and the search is customized for your location automatically. It's doing three searches in one, and we're constantly tweaking the search to be even more insightful.


Results are shown on this neat splitscreen map. If I have a look at a provider, I'll get this...


It's our good friend Dr. Aya-Ay! From here, I can look at his credentials, and the services he has available are under the next tab.


Those are real cash prices for real procedures, and you can book and pay all from our site. This is price transparency in action, and PokitDok is the only company that makes this kind of straightforward healthcare purchase possible.


It's as easy as choosing your procedure, booking an appointment time that works for you, and selecting a method of payment - you can even use your FSA card. Shouldn't healthcare be that simple?

So that's 3.0. Check it out at pokitdok.com. Wait until you see what we're working on for 3.1.

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