Pager Delivers Medical House Calls, Now with Insurance Eligibility Services Fueled by PokitDok

By PokitDok Team,

PokitDok is excited to announce that Pager is now an official member of the PokitDok family. Pager, an on-demand service that connects patients with healthcare in their home, office or hotel, will incorporate our eligibility solution to verify insurance, check co-insurance, copay and deductible amounts on behalf of patients looking to apply benefits to their medical visit. 

By offering a customizable interface on top of an API endpoint connecting to 500+ health insurers and payers, PokitDok now powers Pager's product experience for real-time eligibility checks nationwide.

"We are impressed with PokitDok's payer integration strategy. [Their technology] gives us a single solution to accept insurance across a diverse set of patients in a variety of markets. Their team and helpful documentation made the deployment process seamless."

- Oscar Salazar, Co-founder of Pager

Patients in search of medical care start by initiating a live chat with a independently verified and credentialed nurse through Pager's mobile app. Nurses guide patients to the care they need while running insurance checks, to alleviate patients from insurance administration, avoid unexpected expenses and add clarity to the reimbursement process.

"Pager symbolizes the progress that can be achieved using APIs to free and connect data. This is the future of telemedicine, blending medical visits to your doorstep with digital consultations, from mobile chat to video. Through PokitDok's connections, Pager powerfully illustrates how to transform health delivery with real-time access to information, in a technical architecture that's just making its way into the healthcare industry."

- Ted Tanner, Jr., Co-founder & CTO of PokitDok

For more on the partnership, read the press release.

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