PokitDok Marketplace Launches New Features

By Nicole Fletcher,

We’re excited to announce that new features have been added to the PokitDok Marketplace!

With an increasing focus on improving consumer experience in healthcare, the PokitDok Marketplace is an excellent, working resource to see how our APIs can be implemented easily and quickly for any health application or system.

The San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and Boston areas in the marketplace now feature select provider profiles by specialty. This way, when visitors go to shop, book and pay for healthcare services, they can easily access featured services and up to four providers per specialty in that location. Health systems can integrate this search functionality easily via PokitDok's API platform.



Braintree, a payment processing system, has also been integrated into marketplace functionality, which allows physicians who have been on boarded to receive real-time payments for appointments and services booked. This technology will continue to streamline the payment process for healthcare professionals, ensuring they receive payment for their services without the time-intensive insurance delays (learn more about our solution for that here).


The above examples showcase our award winning front end design team, who work daily to design custom marketplace experiences for other enterprise providers and health systems on a professional services basis.

Visit our website to learn more about our white label marketplace.


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A digital marketing, content and brand expert, Nicole Fletcher is responsible for brand, content & strategy at PokitDok. From data silo breakdowns to customer education, she's passionate about making healthcare better, one tweet at a time.

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