PokitDok Announces National Health Price Index & Scheduling Feature

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PokitDok is leading the way in today’s evolving landscape towards consumer-driven healthcare transactions. Earlier today, PokitDok announced several new key tools that will enable a better healthcare shopping experience. With our new pricing tool, consumers can compare cash, insurance and medicare pricing by procedure across different zip codes. A preview of what's to come is shown the Seattle metro area, where consumers can see a subset of available price procedures, including MRI, allergy testing, physical therapy, cardiac stress test and a colonoscopy. Through our API platform, developers can access prices for over 50 of the most commonly shopped for healthcare procedures across 27 markets in the United States. The new version for consumers will be available this December.

In addition, PokitDok has also unveiled a HIPAA-compliant Calendar to enable digital scheduling of healthcare appointments via mobile or web, much like reserving a table for dinner on OpenTable or a hotel room on Priceline. For details and more information about our new suite of tools, please view the full press release from today's announcement plus surrounding coverage, and visit the Seattle microsite to explore prices for yourself.




PokitDok Makes National Health Price Index Accessible for 50 Procedures

Introduces HIPAA-compliant Shopping, Price Comparison and
Scheduling Tools for Enterprise Integration

San Mateo, Calif., October 22, 2014 - PokitDok Inc., announced today a suite of new tools to facilitate enhanced patient engagement. The tools will give unprecedented access to costs for healthcare procedures, coupled with the ability to automatically schedule and pay for treatment. Digital health developers, self-insured corporations and health systems who adopt PokitDok’s new Application Programming Interfaces (API) will be able to dramatically improve care coordination, access powerful data and offer patients new ways to take a more engaged role in managing their healthcare, beginning today.

“PokitDok is building the largest information bank, toolset and graph architecture in healthcare,” said Ted Tanner, co-founder and CTO, PokitDok. “The business of health is ready for and open to a technological overhaul. Technology advances, legislative changes and cultural shifts in America are forcing providers, payers and employers to adapt quickly. PokitDok’s ability to match data and relationships across all aspects of finding, receiving and paying for treatment gives the industry powerful ways to create new digital experiences and drive down healthcare costs.”

PokitDok Makes National Healthcare Price Index Accessible
For the first time ever, PokitDok has provided access to its proprietary index of pricing information for the 50 most commonly shopped-for healthcare procedures, including cash-based, self-pay prices for primary care and surgical specialties in 25 markets across the nation. From a wart removal in Philadelphia to shoulder surgery in Bellevue, Washington, the PokitDok Healthcare Procedure Price Index makes current market rates available for developers and enterprises and in December later this year, for consumers. For a sample view of prices by zipcode down to the CPT code (Current Procedural Terminology), visit https://platform.pokitdok.com/seattle.

Cash and Insurance Treatment Costs Available for Comparison
The contracted rate set between insurers and providers is often different from the cash price quoted for those who are willing to pay out of their own pocket. Access to the new PokitDok Compute will allow developers to create programs that compare average same-day cash, reimbursed medicare, reimbursed insurance, or all three across a network of 4 million providers. Their customers can then determine the best deal for non-acute, planned treatments - from acupuncture to knee surgery.

Online Appointment Scheduling Becomes Industry Standard
PokitDok also unveils a HIPAA compliant PokitDok Calendar to enable patients to digitally schedule appointments from their desktop, tablet or phone. Much like reserving a table for dinner on OpenTable, or using Priceline to book a reserved seat on a flight, PokitDok gives developers the ability to integrate scheduling functionality and automatically populate Google Calendar and iCal with the confirmed treatment time, each with its unique confirmation code to facilitate the billing process. Providers who make their schedule available through their free profile on PokitDok become immediately compatible.

Third party developers at payers, health systems and digital health companies who license the patent pending PokitDok Platform can sign up at platform.pokitdok.com and request an API key for PokitDok Calendar, PokitDok Compute and the PokitDok Healthcare Procedure Price Index.

About PokitDok

Founded in 2011, PokitDok is a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based platform for healthcare purchases, connecting consumers directly with practitioners in a transparent, e-commerce experience. PokitDok provides enterprise access to market-driven provider, treatment and pricing information for Employers, Payers and Health networks seeking to reduce expenses and capture lost reimbursements. PokitDok also provides an e-commerce storefront for practitioners seeking to market their services and enable consumers to pay for treatment up front at PokitDok.com or via downloadable app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. PokitDok is based in San Mateo, CA and Charleston, SC and backed by New Atlantic Ventures, Rogers Venture Partners, and Subtraction Capital.


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