PokitDok Introduces Health Credit Outcome Product to Improve Health Lending

By Nicole Fletcher,

Today at the 2015 HiMSS Conference in Chicago, we announced the release of our newest product - PokitDok's Health Credit Outcome (HCO). We envision this revolutionary tool as playing an integral role in the journey toward more affordable healthcare. Designed by our expert team of data scientists, the HCO product is a mathematically driven, probabilistic risk model that uses patient health data, claims and financial history to determine the financial 'lendability' of a patient. This new product addition has the potential to improve financial outcomes for lending institutions, payment solutions, health systems and medical practitioners, freeing up resources to support payment options for care.

How does it work, you ask? With the patient’s consent and the product's output, organizations can make informed lending options available to help finance expensive, non-acute procedures that often fall below the deductible threshold. Examples of such procedures may include: orthopedic surgery, imagery, or cosmetic treatments.

To learn more about the Health Credit Outcome, read the full press release and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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A digital marketing, content and brand expert, Nicole Fletcher is responsible for brand, content & strategy at PokitDok. From data silo breakdowns to customer education, she's passionate about making healthcare better, one tweet at a time.

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