Pokitradio interview with IHC

By PokitDok Team,

Last Friday, PokitDok participated in a podcast with the The Institute of Healthcare Consumerism (IHC), a multi-platform, collaborative environment focused exclusively on innovative health and benefit management. IHC's mission is to enable all stakeholders to collaborate in effective ways that promote the growth of healthcare consumerism. With this mission PokitDok and IHC are aligned to power consumer driven healthcare together.

Our very own Bill Haber, Senior Director of Business Development, spoke with Doug Field, IHC CEO and founder about PokitDok's take on healthcare consumerism and where our API platform fits into the mix. Bill discussed how digital health companies, hospital systems, payers and systems integrators, to name a few, can easily utilize our platform to improve workflows, cut costs and, most importantly, put power in the hands of the patient.

Check out the embed below to listen to the full episode.

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