PokitDok Announces the Release of Pharmacy APIs

By Nicole Fletcher,



Looking up pharmacy benefits is difficult. When the time comes to write a prescription, doctors have no way of knowing what medications are covered under a member's insurance policy - and patients have no idea if a scrip will be covered until they're through the pharmacy checkout line. While strides toward transparency have been made in recent years, we believe in software - and the ability to power a better experience for all parties involved.

That's why, live from ATA in Minneapolis, PokitDok is excited to announce the release of our Pharmacy Benefits Solution, a series of APIs built to power real-time insight into formulary and benefit information. Pharma was a natural next step for the PokitDok team - and we've worked hard to apply the best in modern software to simplify this complex, silo'd space.

PokitDok now gives access to a consolidated view of patient prescription plans, qualified formularies, in-network pharmacies, and related financial information. This level of real-time digital access can enhance a medical visit with more informed treatment plans, whether appointments take place in person, or through a telemedicine visit.

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