Introducing the Medical Procedural Code API

By Nicole Fletcher,

The PokitDok team is very proud to announce the release of our brand new Medical Procedural Code API. With this, health systems, healthcare technology providers, and Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software providers now have dynamic access to information that streamlines billing and reimbursement.

Essentially, we’re able to unlock data sourced from the American Medical Association’s (AMA) proprietary CPT® code set (current procedural terminology) and make it available through an Application Programming Interface (API) in real time based on our Health Level-7 (HL7) compliant PokitDok Platform. It is designed to impro ve care coordination and general admin in a way that can significantly reduce health IT costs and streamline operations in a huge way.

To break this down even further, every medical, surgical, and diagnostic service has a numerical reference, or CPT code, to ensure uniformity on the back end. Established and published by the American Medical Association, CPT codes help providers track and pursue reimbursement for the aforementioned medical services with insurance companies.

One of our advisors, Paul T. Sheils, former CEO of,, Aetna Health Information Solutions and DocSite said, “This is a milestone for the healthcare industry as it transitions to cloud-based, real-time, value-based service models.”

PokitDok is now the first to host this kind of data in the secure, HIPAA compliant cloud.

Developers can take a stroll through our Medical Procedural Code Documentation HERE.


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  1. James F. Roberts

    We're looking for a replacement API provider for our medical software with respect to CPT codes.

    Could you tell us the cost or rates for your using your api?



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