HxRefactored & A Deeper Look into the Design Side of PokitDok

By Nicole Fletcher,

HxRefactored, going on now in Boston, is an event designed to highlight the work being done to improve healthcare through technology and design. In addition to exhibiting and attending this year, PokitDok CEO, Lisa Maki will be participating in two panels. Here's an overview of what to expect.

Thursday, April 2nd:

Follow us on Twitter for live updates and and be sure to attend! We're also thrilled to have been named winner of the first ever Design For Health Awards for Best Consumer Facing Design! In celebration of this honor, we thought we'd give you a deeper look into our design approach.


If we've learned nothing else, it's that the customer journey is inherently better if it's simple - with as little friction as possible. Our creative team works diligently to ensure our digital storefront is user-friendly and clear -and our most recent website update reflects just that. From the patient experience shopping, booking and paying for healthcare in our consumer marketplace, to the way our API and enterprise clients interact with our website, our goal is simply to guide our users through their journeys with as few roadblocks as possible.

Below is a video we put together explaining the human-centered design approach we took for our marketplace site. Enjoy and stay tuned for a recap of HxRefactored!

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A digital marketing, content and brand expert, Nicole Fletcher is responsible for brand, content & strategy at PokitDok. From data silo breakdowns to customer education, she's passionate about making healthcare better, one tweet at a time.

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