Get Ready for Blockchain's Disruption: A HIStalk Blog Recap

By PokitDok Team,

PokitDok CTO Ted Tanner and Engineer #1 Brian Corbin recently took the HIStalk webinar stage to discuss the fundamentals of blockchain and its vitality for the future of healthcare. Ted shed some light on blockchain basics and talks both about how blockchain will provide an economic solution to value-based care and its ability to power a healthcare experience with the patient truly at the center. He also offers an early look at PokitDok's DokChain, along with his predictions for the year to come.

Enjoy the full webinar below.


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The shift to value-based care has put the patient at the center of the equation for the very first time. With this drastic business model change and consumer demand for better healthcare experiences, it is no longer sufficient to focus on interoperable data exchange to and from EMRs. Episodes of care are taking place outside of the EMR and new ways of doing business are being explored in order to cover the bottom line.

What technology can support the Herculean task of centralizing, securing and orchestrating disparate information for a truly seamless healthcare experience?

Enter Blockchain.

Blockchain introduces a cryptographically secure network comprised of a distributed ledger that incorporates smart contracts in one deployment model. This webinar will reveal how blockchain will fundamentally change the way consumers, providers, and payers interact in the healthcare system. We'll cover how to prepare for blockchain's inevitable impact on the industry and preview DokChain, the first ever running implementation of blockchain in healthcare.

This webinar is geared toward the following executives and professionals: Healthcare IT, Innovation, Technology, Patient Access, Patient Experience/Engagement, Product, Planning, Care Coordination, Population Health, for healthcare technology companies, hospitals, healthcare providers, payers, and BPO organizations

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