Hidden Health Care Costs Interview With PokitDok CEO, Joe Murad

By patrickhurley,

Hidden costs, inefficiencies and frictions unnecessarily plague healthcare and diminish the patient experience.

Listen to PokitDok CEO, Joe Murad, as he discusses the origins of these problems and possible solutions to streamline healthcare and make the process more transparent in his interview with the Relentless Health Value podcast.

00:00 Integrated delivery models.
04:30 Where Joe sees the biggest breakdowns in communication in health care.
05:00 "An ecommerce for health care."
06:25 Stripping out unnecessary processes through intermediaries in health care.
10:00 The path to transformational change in health care.
13:00 What better transparency looks like, and how we get there.
13:40 "Health care skipped the Internet."
16:10 What's possible today.
16:20 "You really have to look back in order to move forward."
18:00 Joe's definition of a modern-day patient experience.
19:50 PokitDok's aim to rebuild everything.
20:40 Who hires PokitDok.
21:55 "We enable organizations."
27:15 How PokitDok changes the consumer experience.
31:00 There's $250 billion in payer spend.
32:00 Joe's advice to organizations feeling pressure from big intermediaries with a lot of influence.
32:45 You can learn more at pokitdok.com

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