"Finding PokitDok Helped Me Find Myself"

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As you may have heard, Lisa Maki was inspired to found PokitDok after spending a frustrating six months navigating the road to treatment for a karate-related spinal injury. Her patient experience was met with poor communication and a very inefficient process and she knew there had to be a better way. Four years later, the result is PokitDok’s breakthrough API platform, which improves efficiency and connections across healthcare's fragmented data silos, streamlining the complex business of health and ultimately, bringing a better, more interconnected experience to patients.

Recently, one such patient, Robin, an office manager for a industrial materials distributor in the San Francisco Bay Area, shared a very personal story with us in which we were proud to play a helpful part. Robin’s husband was tragically paralyzed after falling from a second-story burning window while working as a San Francisco firefighter three years ago, and then passed away last year as a result of that injury. Robin shared her emotional story with our customer success team, and relayed how PokitDok helped her find the support she needed to move forward through her loss.

Robin’s Story:

"...It has been very difficult to cope. My husband and I never had children, losing him was losing everything.

I fell into a deep depression and I needed help. I searched for Psychologists and Family Therapists in the Bay Area for months, then I found a PokitDok url for *Dr. Samson. He is located a few miles from my office and his hourly rate was within my budget- I saved over $50 per session.

Finding PokitDok helped me find myself.

The PokitDok staff was amazing and is a valuable resource for patients like myself. Nichole, the Provider Account Manager at PokitDok took care of my request within minutes. She was very personable and made me feel comfortable, I highly recommend PokitDok, it is an incredible company with a loving and very talented staff - I have researched many providers and companies, I found the best of both."

At PokitDok, our ultimate goal is to make the healthcare experience better for everyone, through our platform and relationships with healthcare businesses such as Doctor On Demand and Evidation Health. Our breakthrough technology connects the fragmented data and systems in health - allowing data to flow and unlock cost savings.  That data has the power to prevent accidents and even save lives, by providing interconnectivity and interoperability.

It is customers like Robin that push us to work harder and innovate every day, and we thank her for sharing her story and appreciate the ability to impact and change people’s lives, one customer at a time.

Read more about Robin's cost saving experience on Main Street.

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