Digital Health Summer Summit: A PokitDok Recap

By Nicole Fletcher,

Last week PokitDok was a proud sponsor of the Digital Health Summer Summit in San Francisco. Thursday kicked off with a tour of UCSF’s state-of-the-art medical facilities along with a networking happy hour and panel, while Friday featured top notch speakers, debates, panels and... massive pretzels. From the start, the event was a total -everyone-stayed-til-the-end - success and as such, we’re here to offer a brief summary.

Thursday evening took place at the Redwood Room of downtown SF’s Clift Hotel with a cocktail hour set against a digital health backdrop. PokitDok board member Lisa Suennen moderated the fittingly titled: A Doctor, a Patient and an Entrepreneur Walk Into a Bar, with cocktail in hand. And yes, a doctor, a patient AND an entrepreneur were indeed represented.

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Dr. Reed Tuckson started Friday morning off right with an inspiring keynote highlighting our need to understand the role of digital health in context and that big data is only valuable with appropriate analysis, strategy, and application. In other words, data for data’s sake is not inherently valuable.


Another topic of the morning took the form of a debate entitled: What Does it Take to Avoid the Funding Valley of Death? With countless health tech incubators and seed funders, speakers noted the gap that lies between initial funding and both the subsequent backing and entrepreneurial guidance those early companies need to ‘make it’ in the valley of death. The panel, Jack Young of dRx Capital AG, Mark Schwartz of Launchpad Digital Health, Lynne Chou of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, and moderator, David A. Shaywitz, MD, PhD, of DNAnexus, discussed what early digital health and health-tech companies need to know to get through the chasm - and not wind up dying of thirst.

The big, bad - but ultimately good - electronic health record was another topic of discussion at #DHSummer. Speakers noted the frustrations that lie with underlying EMR technology and how its hindering infrastructure impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of this, the first generation of digital health. To learn more about how PokitDok is working to fix these issues, take a look at our cross-EMR scheduling API and our newest product that launched at the event, the PokitDok Identity Management System.

Finally, Yves Béhar, Chief Creative Officer of Jawbone, was a great surprise ending to the day. His opening statement, “Great design is not a luxury”, rang through the auditorium, enforcing the idea that the healthcare industry has a responsibility to educate, inform and make simple the complexities patients face daily in any way they can.

Oh, and we were also featured on Digital Health Summit LIVE - stay tuned for the video.


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