Clarity Through Color - Data Visualizations by the PokitDok Data Science Team

By Nicole Fletcher,

Recently, we debuted a number of data visualizations turned art, created by our one-of-a-kind data science team. Their data-driven significance and gallery-worthy beauty proved to be a huge hit at their temporary installation at Health 2.0. The pieces have found their permanent home (aside from the occasional road show) at the new PokitDok offices in downtown Charleston.

Since not everyone could witness the PokitDok gallery in person, we thought we'd share a few images and their placard-esque descriptions. These blurbs were designed to take a deeper dive into each image, its characteristics, and what each might mean for healthcare at large.

Without further ado, enjoy a few data visualizations of the top 100k PokitDok providers on our technical blog, Full Metal Health.

Screen Shot 2021-10-19 at 1.07.24 PM
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