CEO Lisa Maki Demos PokitDok’s Simple, Patient-driven Enterprise Solution

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Recently, on the mainstage at Health 2.0, PokitDok’s CEO Lisa Maki had the opportunity to demo a preview of our white-labeled marketplace solution in a session titled “Buy, Sell, Exchange: New Markets for Consumers, Employers, and Providers.” Presenting to a packed ballroom of over 2,000 attendees, the diverse panel was moderated by the Co-Chairman of Health 2.0, Matthew Holt, and comprised of leaders from multiple corners of the health world - Aaron Martin from Providence Health & Services, Rajni Aneja of Humana, Marcus Osborne of Walmart and Scott Shreeve of Crossover Health. They discussed how the provider and retail health system is evolving and the specific ways their individual companies are innovating in the space. PokitDok’s CEO, Lisa Maki, was chosen to present our work with Providence as an example of a simplified, consumer-driven experience in healthcare.  As Lisa explains in her presentation:


In the consumer-driven application, “less is more.”  All I wanted to do was get a convenient appointment, pay for it, book it and set a reminder.  Shouldn’t it always be just that easy?




We think so. Watch the short, but sweet, PokitDok demo that begins at the 66:30 minute mark to catch a glimpse of what we’re working on, and how we’re aiming to improve the consumer experience in healthcare.  Below you can find a transcript of the demo as well.

Link to video here


"PokitDok has made available all the services that we use in our product to power solutions like Aaron (Aaron Martin from Providence) is rolling out to the Boeing ACO. He asked us to collaborate with his team to build “version next” of that patient portal. He challenged us to think about how could we design a portal that could combine multiple access in a seamless, easy-to-use interface. So, looking for a doctor, but also what if you wanted to talk to a doctor right now, or perhaps schedule an appointment in the future. But it wasn’t just enough to provide one easy-to-use screen to do that, you had to have the underlying services.  The real-time access to eligibility, claims information; and to support payments in real-time to make this work.  

We’ll take a look at the scheduling and appointment track. I’m in this prototype that we built with Providence.  I’m a Boeing ACO employee, and if you live in Washington, you know almost all of them live in Everett.  I’m searching for a primary care appointment during a date range close to my current time. PokitDok enables Providence to present the physicians that are in their location, near their home, as well as available times. I think Dr. Aberg looks pretty nice, she’s at the top of the list, she’s available at a convenient time for me, so I’m ready to book. And not just book, but I’m ready to pay. I’m going to sign-in to do that. Providence gives me two ways to sign-in 1) that is convenient for me because I can never remember my password, is Facebook 2) or alternately, if I’m not comfortable with that, an email address and a private password.  I’m going to try Facebook.  

Excellent.  It pulls up my patient record, which I can review and make sure that’s me.  Here’s where I can decide if I want to pay cash, with my HSA or with insurance.  I can see the prices up front, I might have a high-deductible plan.  I may not have satisfied that deductible.  I might want to pay cash upfront. This is also where PokitDok is seamlessly checking eligibility and claims status. Maybe I have an outstanding bill that can be added in here and I can pay it all in one convenient transaction. That looks good, I’m going to use that form of payment.

Then, I review. That’s my appointment.  That’s the location. That’s the doctor.  I’m just going to pay the copay today. That’s my form of payment. And it’s done. It adds it to my profile.  My upcoming appointments are right here.  I can add it to my calendar, get directions and set a reminder.

Aaron challenged us, in the consumer-driven application, “less is more.”  All I wanted to do was get a convenient appointment, pay for it, book it and set a reminder.  Shouldn’t it always be just that easy?  

Thank you." - Lisa Maki, CEO of PokitDok

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