Ask the Experts: Wellpepper's 2017 Healthcare Predictions

By PokitDok Team,

We recently published our 5 Healthcare IT Trends to Watch in 2017 report. But we wanted to know what other influencers in the healthcare space are envisioning for the coming year.

Today's guest blogger is Anne Weiler, co-founder and CEO of Wellpepper, Inc.


When the CEO of Aetna admits to not having a contingency plan for a Trump presidency, making predictions for healthcare in 2017 seems a bit presumptuous, but Lisa Maki from PokitDok asked me, so here goes. First let's start with a prediction, that as a digital health innovator, I'd prefer not to come to fruition.

The long sales cycles in healthcare are going to get a bit longer. Those organizations that are just beginning to understand that a new patient-centric approach is the way forward, will most likely put the brakes on spend on innovation until they see the impact of the new administration. This is a mistake that may cost their businesses in the long run, so much of what has changed in healthcare since the implementation of the Affordable Care act will remain true.

Patients will continue to act more like consumers and demand services that are convenient and cost-effective. One benefit of 20M newly insured people is that new delivery models like on-demand telehealth and retail clinics cropped up. People now expect healthcare to be available on their time and outside the clinic.

Value for money will continue to be a driver. This means that costs and outcomes will continue to be important, for several reasons. Patients with high-deductibles are more conscientious of where and how their dollars are spent. Self-insured employers are questioning what they can do to lower costs and have a healthier workforce. Bundled and value-based payments have shone the light on excess cost that does not improve outcomes, and it's hard to imagine a new business-focused administration going backwards on that.

At Wellpepper, we'd like to see all healthcare CIOs and CMIOs take a bigger position at the executive table and advocate for modern cloud and mobile technologies that enable patient-centered care, as is happening at many of our customers. If we assume that for the most part, the EMRs are implemented, let them take a breath from keeping the servers up and running and become strategic advisors to the CEO and a representative of how technology will enable patient-focused and value-based care. This is the prediction, I'd most like to see for 2017.

Anne Weiler

Co-founder and CEO, Wellpepper


About: Wellpepper is an award-winning and clinically-validated platform for digital treatment plans delivered via SMS, web and mobile devices. The Wellpepper patient engagement solution improves patient adherence and outcomes with its patented adaptive notification system and just-in-time, task-based instructions and by fostering communication between healthcare providers and patients. Wellpepper is used by major health systems to track and improve patient outcomes while lowering costs. The company is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and was founded in 2012 by Anne Weiler and Mike Van Snellenberg after Anne's mother experienced an alarming lack of continuity of care after discharge from a long hospital stay.


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