Ask the Experts: Evidation Health's 2017 healthcare prediction

By PokitDok Team,

We recently published our 5 Healthcare IT Trends to Watch in 2017 report. But we wanted to know what other influencers in the healthcare space are envisioning for the coming year.

Today's guest blogger is Deborah Kilpatrick, the CEO of Evidation Health.


2017 is the year that healthcare -- and health outcomes -- become patient-mediated

We've reached a new level of consumer adoption of health technologies. According to Rock Health's 2016 consumer survey, 46% of consumers are considered active digital health adopters, having used 3+ categories of digital health tools -- up from 19% in 2015. This gives us a view of the continuous patient journey that is altogether new -- yielding previously invisible data about what's working, and what's not, in healthcare. This means we can now "quantify real life" of patients and measure health outcomes beyond traditional clinical trials, outside of brick and mortar walls.

Historically, there has been a divide between the patients experiencing outcomes and the providers of healthcare solutions trying to improve them. But we believe that 2017 will usher in a new era where the patients themselves, and their data, will directly bridge this divide.

Deborah Kilpatrick, PhD

CEO, Evidation Health


About: At Evidation Health we're enabling real life data, from the real lives of patients, to better define what's actually working in healthcare. At scale, the societal benefit results from the power of motivated, connected patients to move themselves towards better outcomes.

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