PokitDok's List of Upcoming Events

By Nicole Fletcher,

From code-a-thons and healthcare design, to health IT events, telehealth meetings and beyond, we're excited to be attending a number of events over the next few weeks. If you plan to be at any of the following and are interested in meeting with a member of the PokitDok team, let us know!

Health 2.0 Code-A-Thon: March 28-29 - Boston
IHC Private Exchange Forum: March 31 - April 1 - Dallas
HxRefactored: April 1-2 - Boston
HiMSS15: April 13-15 - Chicago
Hx360: April 13-15 - Chicago
LendIt USA: April 13-15 - NYC
DigSouth: April 28- May 2 - Charleston
Health Evolution Partners: April 29 - May 1 - Laguna Niguel
American Telemedicine Association Annual Meeting: May 2-5 - Los Angeles


Interested in following our events? They're posted here on our Press Page. Simply click the 'Event's tab for a full list.

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A digital marketing, content and brand expert, Nicole Fletcher is responsible for brand, content & strategy at PokitDok. From data silo breakdowns to customer education, she's passionate about making healthcare better, one tweet at a time.

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