PokitDok Partners with Doctor on Demand

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The PokitDok team is thrilled to announce a partnership with Doctor on Demand, a telehealth company offering patients Video Visits with Board Certified physicians. Co-founded by CEO Adam Jackson, Chairman of the Board, Jay McGraw, and the one and only Dr. Phil McGraw, Doctor on Demand aims to streamline and simplify the operations side of healthcare delivery, thereby making the whole healthcare system easier for all parties involved.

With the help of PokitDok’s application programming interfaces (APIs), Doctor On Demand will be able to accelerate the eligibility, claims, and claims status checks process across PokitDok’s near 200 insurance trading partners, which represent 79% of covered lives nationwide.

The API's allow patients and self-insured employers to use telehealth services directly through their insurance plan. The service is currently available across 47 states with more than 1400 Board Certified physicians.

Read the full press release here.



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