PokitDok Certified by Microsoft and Enters Azure Marketplace

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“...With healthcare undergoing a fundamental transition, through PokitDok, we are bringing the best of healthcare IT to our developer community.”- Neil Jordan, General Manager of Worldwide Health, Microsoft

That’s what Neil Jordan, General Manager of Worldwide Health, Microsoft had to say in the announcement we issued today about PokitDok’s induction into the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. We are the first healthcare development tool in the Marketplace’s Developer Services Channel, bringing new application programming interfaces (APIs) pre-configured for customers operating on the Microsoft Azure cloud computing infrastructure.

Our co-founder and CEO, Lisa Maki, summed it up:

“Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an immense distribution channel for PokitDok, ensuring more developers have open access to tools that will streamline the business of healthcare. Partnered with Microsoft Azure’s commitment to provide world class security, compliance, and business intelligence for the healthcare enterprise, we know both our developer community and enterprise customers will have the best in cloud services available.”  

And for developers, our co-founder and CTO elaborated on how this all works and what this means here.

Our APIs are still accessible through the traditional avenue but if you’re shopping on the Azure Marketplace, you can find us here. You can get application details, documentation, automatic registration and to get started with an API key. The process is linked automatically through accounts established with Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Kind of like downloading a song from a music library or a book for your tablet.

But with this, you can power the business of healthcare.

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