PokitDok Introduces Centralized Scheduling System for Group Practices, Telehealth & Hospital Networks

By pokitdok,

PokitDok is proud to announce that today, at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, we introduced the launch of the PokitDok Enterprise Scheduler. This patent-pending calendaring system enables group medical practices, telehealth companies & hospital networks to improve the efficiency of their scheduling programs, thereby making both the patient and administrator side of the equation more seamless.

With this technology, appointment times can be made available on intranets, websites & mobile apps, complete with the option to integrate with a patient's calendar system or send them push notifications via SMS or email. Healthcare is an industry that relies heavily on costly switchboard operators, robust call centers and, well, paper. The PokitDok Enterprise Scheduler drives down those costs, saving admin time, improving patient communication, and potentially lowering user error. The PokitDok Enterprise Scheduler brings unprecedented efficiency and improves the consumer experience.

Interested in the PokitDok Enterprise Scheduler? Contact someone from our team or see the full release on Business Wire.


* Screenshot of the upcoming version of PokitDok Marketplace enhanced with scheduling functionality

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