A PokitRecap of Building an A+ Team, An Orrick Panel

By Nicole Fletcher,

PokitDok Cofounders Lisa Maki and Ted Tanner took the Orrick stage in a recent panel on Building an A+ Team. They discussed everything from hiring to firing, where to look for talent, what to do when you find it, and what they have learned through their experience building teams.

According to Lisa, "Step 1: Find a kick a** co founder. Step 2: Hire passionate engineers and build an engineering led company."

Ted went on to talk about their believe that "as executives, it is [their] imperative to amplify [their] employees' careers" and that "to attract an A+ team, YOU need to be A+". 

You can see the full session in the video below, but in the mean time, remember - "You can hire a chicken and teach them to climb a tree, but you're better off hiring a squirrel to begin with."



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